Book Nook: Zombicorns by John Green

Why, hello there dear readers, I didn’t expect to see you back so soon. Today I’m doing something new by introducing a new series here on my blog called Ryan’s Book Nook, where I will be doing book reviews! Today I am going to be reviewing Zombicorns by John Green.

This is not an ordinary Zombie novella. The zombies do not spring into being from infected saliva of other zombies (that we know of), but from eating infected corn. The zombies act as living extensions of the corn, doing everything in their power to ensure its survival. What we know of as the world has ended, with only the last threads of humanity clinging to existence. We follow the story through Mia (I know, a girl protagonist!), a badass survivor hiding in a bunker in Lincoln Park with a dog named Mr. President. We learn that she is running low on rations and will soon have to make a decision on what to do next, but keeps putting it off.  We learn about her family and how the outbreak came about, but most of the story is spend focusing on her relationship with another survivor named Caroline.

Although John continually mentioned how bad the book is, it’s still one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. The story flows pretty well and the characters’ interaction is believable. It’s only when you step out of the story that you realize how silly the concept of “Zombie Corn” is. The story actually has a really good message about humanity (as all good zombie stories should) and the greater good. As for weaknesses, of course there are a few minor things. With a few formatting inconsistencies the story could definitely use an editor. My only other complaint is that I wish there was more! I loved every second of reading this story and encourage everyone to read it as well. It’s just a side project, I know, but the special John Green feel is there and the story isn’t missing anything. This novella made me laugh hysterically (The mini-story in footnote 6 is fantastic) as well as cry (the ending is very reminiscent of the ending of The Hunger Games). I know it most likely will never ever happen in the next century, but the option is definitely there for a sequel.

Book Nook Rundown:

Length: Short: Just over 17 000 words.

Feel: Very dark and depressing, although littered with vert funny anecdotes.

Flow: Choppy in some places, but to be expected with a first draft.

Voice: Great voice for the character, although it took me a while to realize it was a girl, as well as a few chapters after that to remember that I was listening to a female’s story.

Worth it?: BIG YES on this one. I was extremely satisfied with this book.

Buy, Borrow or Pass: Definite buy on this one. It’s a great story and the money goes to a fantastic cause.

Zombiecorns is available as an ebook with a 25 dollar donation to Partners in Health here.


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